West of the little town of Fisher, a centuries-old ruin holds mysteries of wonderful, terrible magic.

The Abbey has housed many tenants, all of whom have left their mark, from the monks who built it to far more dangerous guests. It has spent most of its long existence standing empty and forgotten.

But the secrets of this place cannot be unlocked by any precocious outsider. They now belong only to the mysterious sisters who for years have found refuge inside.

Fondly Anticipated Question

How do you pronounce these names?

Glad you asked! Here’s a list.

  • Sepia: SEH-pee-uh, which is different from how the color name is pronounced (see-pee-uh). She probably gets that all the time, though.
  • Brind: Rhymes with “pinned.”
  • Hrae: Like “ray,” but with a breath at the beginning.
  • Vireh: VEER-eh or VEER-uh.
  • Ferryn: FAIR-in.
  • Nansa: NAHN-suh or NAHN-zuh.
  • Tulinn: Accent on the second syllable — too-LIN.
  • Myr: Meer. (The family surname.)


Michael and Rachel are a brother and sister who started making up stories together as embarrassing little kids. Both are now grown up, married with kids, and attempting to be adults, so that’s pretty weird; doing projects like this is a nice way to get back in touch with reality. Michael has degrees in graphic design and computer science, and Rachel has one in English.

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