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The youngest sister, who serves as a sort of ambassador to the rest of the world. Sepia is helpful and polite, but has trouble staying in one place too long. She carries a carefully-nurtured burden of guilt and shame, and is likely to snap at anyone who gets near it. Her constant daydreaming has yet to produce anything specific enough for her to strive toward, but she isn’t likely to stop any time soon. She is easily impressed by a lot of things.


A curious and gregarious young woman, Brind loves to talk and is eager to please. She has a vibrant sense of humor, ready enthusiasm, and trouble concealing her emotions (even when they are situationally inappropriate). She is also profoundly interested in astronomy and astrology, and despite her spontaneous demeanor has a long attention span. She dislikes conflict, and when arguments arise tries to avoid acknowledging them for as long as possible.


Partly due to a persistent illness, Vireh has an exceedingly mild nature. She loves to entertain guests and is always curious about new people, experiences, and information. Generally quiet and mellow, she can easily become overexcited when she gets to talking about her passions, and has an unsettling air of knowing things she shouldn’t. She is eager for opportunities to help others, but her motives for doing so are not always clear.


A perceptive soul, Hrae is quick-witted and proud of it. She cultivates a detached demeanor and outlook, and prides herself on being the objective one. She has no patience with those who are too wrapped up in themselves to see things clearly, nor is she afraid to be harsh when telling them so. Despite her temper, she enjoys a good laugh, and likes to tease her sisters. She is often driven by an urge to find out what she can get away with.


A soldier-turned-hunter, Nansa has taken it on herself to protect and provide for her family. She is effective at both, if perhaps a bit inefficient, and relishes the feeling of putting her powerful body to use. Proud of her great strength, she has a boisterous streak and is constantly inventing new challenges for herself. She enjoys her sisters’ company, but is often extremely self-conscious, and painstakingly avoids being seen by strangers.


Not really the eldest sister, but she does her best. Tulinn once fancied herself a poet, and although it’s been years since she set pen to paper, a bit of whimsy is still evident in the way she speaks and carries herself. Practical and level-headed, she tries to keep things orderly and civil at home, and has done well at staving off chaos. She struggles with feelings of powerlessness, but is forgiving of herself and even a little vain.