As promised, here is some dialogue!

So at this point we have a question for you all. What do you think of this typeface? It’s a nice one, specifically Webletterer from Blambot, but we’re not sure how it interacts with our art style. Since we’re in here and you’re out there, we’d love some input on this. How does it look? Does it feel right? Any comments would be much appreciated as we try to iron things out. :)

Thanks, and thanks for reading!

~ Rachel

One thought on “Talkin’

  1. Hey there – I just started actually reading the strip (I meant to before, but I got caught up with stuff and forgot for awhile; I imagine you know how it goes).

    Anyway, I’m not caught up yet, but it looks great so far! And as for the typeface, I….hadn’t noticed it, which probably means it fits just fine?

    Keep up the good work!

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