As promised

Hello again! So, okay, here are the three scoops we promised yesterday:

Maintenance: It’s becoming crucially important for me to some back-end updating to the website, so I’m going to do that this coming week. If at any time between now and next Saturday the site starts looking reeeeeally bizarre, don’t panic! I promise I’ll have it fixed by the time the next page is due. Most of the changes will be invisible and include things like an improved spam filter, but I hope to put in a few frequently-requested features as well. These will include a more obvious link to our RSS feed, a less terrible archive system (with maybe a dropdown system?), and next/previous buttons that appear above the comic pages in the archive. The back-end stuff will be first, though. Anything else you’d like to see? Please let us know in the comments!

Awesome link: Okay, so here’s the best part of this post. Runewood Abbey has gotten its first review! Check it out right over here. We’re just beside ourselves with tickledness. It’s always awesome to see evidence of what this story looks like as it makes its way outside of our heads, so any kind of feedback is a thrill. There’s lots of blush-worthily positive stuff here, as well as some hints about things Michael and I think we could be doing better, so, best of both worlds. :) Thank you so much to our reviewer!

Incentives: So, geez, Rachel, what happened with that incentive thing you promised? Gah, I know. I’m sorry. And I’m gonna let that be a lesson to me to never again publicly promise anything I’m not 100% sure I can follow up on. It’s a good lesson to learn sooner than later, eh? I do have a few ideas for such a thing, but between the various other pressures of life (the end of school, the last two months of pregnancy, other stuff), it turned out to be surprisingly difficult just to stay on top of the regular comic. Fortunately, we managed to do so, and now I am wiser about my limits. So! I’m afraid I’m going to have to back out of any scheduled incentive posting, for now, but as a compromise, I will continue to twiddle at making that happen, and when it does happen I will post about it here.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions you’d like to see Brind and Vireh answer from the mailbag, feel free to send ’em our way! I’m not sure that will continue to be the default format for incentives, but it couldn’t hurt. :)

Aaaanyway. Thank you again, all of you, for your support and your feedback and your awesome comments…and just for reading. :) This is a slightly scary but incredibly fun and rewarding hobby, and we love having you all along for the ride.

~ Rachel

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