Hello everyone! Long time to no blog!

That’s mostly because, as indicated in the previous entry, there has been a babying! My son, and Michael’s nephew was born at the end of April, and things have been super awesome and also super time consuming ever since. <3

Meanwhile, today there is good news and bad news: the good news is that this was Michael’s last week of school ever. Woohoo!! The bad news is that he had an avalanche of work to do because of that, so today’s comic will be quite late, but we’re still planning to have it up before midnight. Next week it will be summer again, and there will be much more time on our hands, so hopefully we can get back to midnight-Friday updates–and, perhaps, start thinking about a more frequent posting schedule. Perhaps!

Tonight’s page will be #52–that’s a full year of comics. Holy cow. Thank you, everyone, for reading, and for writing back to us. This is all so much more fun with you all around. My mind is blown.

See you tonight!

~ Rachel

4 thoughts on “Today

  1. Congratulation on your procreation! :-)

    1. Thank you! Runewood Babby is pretty delightful. ^___^

  2. Oh dear. I’m sorry I missed this… congratulations! I hope everything is going well, other than the being woken up in the middle of the night and the natural messiness that comes with babies. ^^;;

    Take care. Stay well. :)

    Rob H.

    1. Thank you! Things remain good–even those dreaded aspects you mention. :) We’ve found some pretty fun ways of dealing with things.

      (Man, I should use this blog more.)

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