What to plan for

Hi all!

Not too surprisingly, the comic will be delayed again this weekend, but we’re making plans for how to cause the least possible amount of annoyance with all this. Basically, the current chapter is almost over. We’re gonna finish it out as quickly as we can, and then take a break from the story to serve up some special bonus material for the remainder of 2010 (which will be a month or so). That’ll give Michael a chance to get stupid, get married, and get smart again as nature requires, and meanwhile I’ll hang out with you guys here. :)

So, what kind of bonus material, you ask? Lots of kinds. We have some pretty awesome developmental stuff from when we were first getting all our character designs worked out, including not only Michael’s first sketches but mine as well. And yes, if a character you haven’t yet met happens to appear there, we will be including her! So be ready for sneak peek or two. We’ll also have a special sketch post announcing the winners of the naming contest, since it’s obviously not feasible to use the comic itself for that announcement at the moment.

When the new year starts, we’ll roll right into posting Chapter Four. Can’t wait to see you all there. :) Thanks again for your comments and support! You guys are fantastic!

~ Rachel

PS. Keep an eye on the RSS feeds and facebook for the next update!

2 thoughts on “What to plan for

  1. Get stupid? (kidding)

    Seriously, though, looking forward to seeing what’s in store for the bonus material. Should be an interesting month or so.

  2. Grats on the wedding, man. Good luck, and take your time.

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