Before I say anything else, I need to apologize with every bit of my being that this post is so late in coming. I really have no good excuse for its ridiculous tardiness. Though, funnily enough, that is actually the reason in itself. The truth is I’ve been ashamed; webcomic creators who suddenly stop updating and let their works get swallowed up in hiatus are so common that they’re a cliche, and I couldn’t bear to make it official unless I had a really impressive story to tell. Or better yet, an estimated time of return. In the words of Ani DiFranco, I want to have good news to report every time I come up for air.

But in fact, it’s just life. In quick succession, Michael got married, went back to school, and acquired a more demanding job. I had some health problems (I’m better now), supported my husband through grad school, and had a second awesome baby. We ran out of time for this wonderful, wonderful project. We have no idea yet when we can come back to it.

We’re in a busy season of our lives, but we still love Runewood Abbey and we still love our readers and we’re so sorry to have been out of touch. We’re dumb. We’re bozos. But we are still here.

Anyway, if you would like to keep your finger on the RWA pulse and be the first to know when we suddenly come back to life–whenever that may be, weeks or months or years–probably the best way to do it is to like us on Facebook. If you’re not a member of the big blue club, you are more than more than welcome to send us an email, and we will keep it in a safe place so we can let you know personally when we’re up and running.

Again, sorry to have disappeared on you. Thank you so much once more for all the friendship, support, hilarious participation, constructive advice, and general awesomeness you’ve displayed. We love your guts. We’ll come back as soon as we can.

Your fan,

~ Rachel

PS. In the meantime, please check out the sidebar to the right of this post and take note of a few of the other comics out there that truly, truly deserve attention and love. I used to limit it to just comics I thought might be of interest to our same target audience, but I just doubled its size with a lot of totally irrelevant stuff that I’m fond of.