Hi everyone!

It’s September, and the big news this month is voting incentives!

Once per day, we invite you to head over to our two big exposure sites (TopWebComics and and vote us up. As a reward, the TWC site will reveal a special mini-comic, visible only to voters and drawn by yours truly (so Michael can focus on the regular pages). The first one is up already–and you’re also invited to send us emails, which may be featured in future comics! doesn’t yet have incentive functionality, but it’s an easy side-track while you’re over here clicking things anyway. :) Plus, we made it all the way up to #20 on that site last month, without any kind of special push, so I bet we can do even better this month! If we make it to the top 10, I hereby vow to do something spectacular.

Incentives will be updated every week, probably on Wednesdays (this week was early because I’m excited). So that means we’re as good as updating twice weekly from now on! Woo-hoo!

Also, thanks tons for the comments we’ve been getting. We’re having a blast, and we’re thrilled that you’re all reading. You folks are awesome.

See you around! Whenever it should happen to cross your mind, send some votes and some emails our way!

~ Rachel

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