Keepin’ on

Just a reminder — now is a great time to head over to our two voting sites at TWC and WebcomicZ and vote! The incentive strip currently up at the former place features a character who has not yet appeared in the main comic!

I also wanted to mention that there’s a new other strip being linked over on our sidebar — Digger. It’s deservedly well-known already, but I had to sound off. I just finished getting caught up in the archives, and I have super mixed feelings about it. I’m thrilled because it’s so good it hurts; I’m sad because I can no longer see dozens of new pages at a sitting. Clearly I’ll have to reread it right away. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look!

Meanwhile, we can always use new questions to answer in the incentive comics, so if you’re curious about anything, send it our way!

Thanks again for reading and voting and giving us your input. We’re having a wonderful time, and your support has been incredible. :)

~ Rachel

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