It’s a new month! Hooray!

The September experiment of providing voter incentives was a fun and successful one, I think. We’re gonna have to back off from it this month for time-management reasons, but we enjoyed all the feedback we got from it! It’s definitely something we’re interested in doing again in the future, and meanwhile, if you have any questions you’d like to have sent in, we’d still be thrilled if you sent them our way!

If you haven’t seen the most recent one yet, it’s still there over at TWC, and we’re planning to leave it up for a few days more.

Otherwise, things are still going as usual here at the main comic, but a little quicker and more comfortably. School has started, so we’ll see how that goes–so far it’s been great, though, and we’re not anticipating any problems with keeping to the update schedule. :)

So, that being said, we’ll see you on Saturday! Thanks again for all your input and support!

~ Rachel

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