Happy things and Stumptown

Okay! Hi everyone, and happy 2010!

The year is off to a splendid start, and both Michael and I are excited to move things along in the comic. Being new to this, we feel pretty happy about having been able to keep the updates going even despite some rocky times on this end. It’s been nutty over here, what with work, classes, holidays, extreme morning sickness…

Oh, yes! The writer is pregnant, and is fortunately now having a great time of it. Thank goodness for the middle trimester, and for Heath, my awesome husband. Meanwhile, fear not–when the little lad is born in spring, Michael will have a biiiiiiiig buffer of scripts to work from, so I don’t expect any impact on our updating schedule. Just, you know, everything else. X)

One thing I can’t decide, though, is what to do about this year’s Stumptown Comics Fest. Michael and I had the chance to attend a few years back, and we had a blast. From the very beginning, we’ve planned on trying to set up a table this spring to join in the fun from the other side. However, the timing turns out to be a little weird, mainly because the convention dates are only a week ahead of when I’m due to be having a baby. So whooooo knows what state I’ll be in.

If I’m feeling chipper and/or crazy enough, it’s possible we may still go. It’s also possible we’ll just send Michael, or we may chicken out of the whole thing. So just for my own curiosity, do we have any readers out there who plan on going? I do highly recommend it, if you can. :)

Anyway, it’s gonna be an excellent few months. Thanks for reading, everyone, and for all your comments. These characters make us happy, and we absolutely love being able to share them.

See you Saturday!

~ Rachel

2 thoughts on “Happy things and Stumptown

  1. I went to Stumptown last year, and I want to go again this year. I’d be willing to help with the table if you need more manpower. My only real concern is whether or not I’d get to attend the “Instant Comic Book” workshop, if they’re doing it again. I think we need to set up our own art jam sometime.

    1. Awesome! Still not sure what we’ll do–I’m more and more convinced it would be utterly foolhardy for me to go, but we could send Michael. On the other hand, space is pretty limited, and with all the trouble and the lack of having us both there, maybe this whole idea is better postponed until next year.

      Anyway, we’ll keep you in the loop. Thanks, dude. :)

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