Good golly!

I keep wanting to say something, but then I just end up sitting back and watching in wide-eyed amazement. I’ve wondered, will this really keep happening if I don’t draw anyone’s attention to it?

The answer is, apparently, yes. About a week and a half ago, Runewood Abbey hit the top ten at, and it has continued to climb ever since. This morning we reached rank 8. We are in awe.

All of this has been without any recent push from me or Michael, and therefore all credit goes to the awesomeness of our incredibly kind and supportive readers. Thank you so much! :D This is so exciting!

Now that we’ve all got our eyeballs over there, I have to admit I’m extremely curious to see just how far we can climb. So if you haven’t voted today, please do! Remember, you can head back to both WebcomicZ and TopWebComics every single day to drop in a new vote–it’s easiest by way of the links on the right, which lead to voting pages here and here.

After that, if you register an account at these sites (and I’ve never gotten a lick of spam from either, by the way), you can list us as a favorite, which helps improve our standing even more! For that matter, you can favorite every comic you like, and vote for each one of us every day. It’s an enormously friendly system.

To help this along, and to thank you all for everything you’ve done so far, I’m gonna start posting incentives over at TWC again, starting tomorrow Thursday. I’m not sure yet what the posting schedule is going to be, or what format it’s going to take, but I’ll keep you posted here as I figure it out. :)

Oh, yes, and I have not forgotten my vow to do something spectacular when we reached the top ten. We have that underway now. Keep your eyes peeled!

Meanwhile, we’ll continue to focus most of our attention on the comic itself. If you lovely people out there like it enough to share it with your friends, then we thank you enormously, and we’ll try to have the best page we can make every week waiting for them when they show up. :)

Woo hoo! Thanks again, everyone!!

~ Rachel

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