Hi, everyone!

I’m making a goal to update this space at least once a week, especially in the midweek while people are waiting for the new page to happen. So to start us off on the right foot, let’s have a contest!

Now that the Coben family has reappeared, it’s time for them to get some names. The teenage son’s name will be revealed soon, but the mother and daughters–to be honest, we don’t know! And, in the spirit of the beloved Narbonic, we’re curious to hear what our awesome readers can think up. Specifically, we need names for Mrs. Coben (whom we have mostly referred to in our own discussions as “Joddmom”); the older daughter with the pigtails (also known as “Jodddaughter,” “Joddling”, “Joddspawn”, etc.); and the younger, chubbier daughter (also known as “she looks like a kitten”).

So here’s the deal. Check out the entire family back on this page. Come up with some names–as many as you like–and post them in the comments here. The winner(s) will see their chosen names featured in the comic (eventually), and will receive a sketch of the people they named!

We’ll keep this contest running until Wednesday, September 1st. Good luck! Tell your friends! And thanks for reading! :D

~ Rachel

14 thoughts on “CONTEST!

  1. Tessica, Tess, Keira, Mira, Mina, Elayne, Padme, Adria, Aerin, Arev, Breanne, Alyssa, Siobhan, Willow, River, Inara, Kaylee, Athene…

    1. Hi, Garrett!

      Nerrrrrd. :)

      1. (Gasp) I don’t know what you’re talking about, calling me a nerd. I’m a geek thank you very much.

  2. Alexis, Nicole, Cyndra, Akasha, Moiraine, Alanna, Rayne, Reina, Astruin, Renee, Holly, Faith, Hope, Grace, Cyndane…

  3. Celesta, Rydia, Kayla…

    Eh, I’ll come up with more later.

  4. Ha ha ha no fair! /I/ was going to suggest “Joddspawn”. XD

  5. Samuel Harrington

    Janice, Abigail, Laura, Jay, Jewel, Andrea, Finch, Elliane, Ellissa, Quinn, Rachel

  6. Mrs. Coben: Sperling
    Older daughter: Quinta
    Younger daughter: Traven

  7. Joddmom: Mirabella (Mira), Faye, or Ella
    Joddling: Emalyss, Hadley, or Lydia
    She Looks Like a Kitten: Nalia, Lily, or Kit :)

  8. Kelendry Coben for Kitten.
    Aileya Coben for Joddspawn.

  9. Joddmom: Kerra
    Daughter 1: Jade
    Daughter 2: Temina

  10. For now I can only come up with a name for the older daughter: Ilskrin (inspired by her look in the last panel of page 18, Chapter 1)

  11. One of the girls should definitely be named Emily. Others: Anidori, Ailsie, Enna, Brin, Joda,

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