Delays and yays

Hi, everyone,

I’m afraid we’re gonna have another late comic this week. We’ve been struggling a lot with it lately, as you’ve probably noticed, so I just want to acknowledge it out loud. That way, you know that Michael and I know it too. We are going to keep working on this, and I expect we’ll pull out of this before too long. But yes.

Without going into boring details, I’ve been really sick lately, and Michael’s been crazy-busy with new (awesome) events in his life. We’ve been able to manage okay in the past when just one of us was overloaded, but with both of us out, it’s been much more difficult. It’s a good learning experience, though–hopefully next time life gets crazy we’ll have a better idea of how to deal with it!

Anyway. There should be at least a rough draft up by Saturday night, with the completed version as early next week as possible. Heaven willing, I’ll be feeling better soon and have more of a brain, and maybe Mike and I can do a few of our boot camp sessions where we hang out in person and get way more done. YES

Also, I never got around to posting the winners of the naming contest! I will do that halfway through next week. :) Stay tuned!

Thanks again a billion times for your patience and support and awesome comments! We love you guys!

~ Rachel

UPDATE: Due to further awesomeness in Michael’s life (more on which anon) and also a driving mishap, we won’t have lineart today, but expect the full page on Monday. Thanks for understanding! Aiieee!

2 thoughts on “Delays and yays

  1. Well, I hope you get well soon, and I’m glad it’s nothing bad happening to him (by all appearances) so I’ll let things work themselves out and just patiently wait for things to settle down.

  2. replacement sparrow

    Ha ha, hurrah for overwhelming awesomeness. High on the list of excellent problems to have.

    Feel better soon!

    We will be waiting here (or lurking in our RSS readers, or whatever), patiently.

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