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Hi all!

Just a quick heads-up: tomorrow’s comic will not be posting in the middle of the night as usual, but rather in the mid- to late morning. We’re hoping to have it up by noon PST, so keep an eye on the RSS feed, and thanks for your patience.

Also, look for another more substantial journal post tomorrow! Topics of discussion will include website maintenance, an awesome and exciting link, and what the heck has been going on since our last entry!

See you then!

~ Rachel

Good golly!

I keep wanting to say something, but then I just end up sitting back and watching in wide-eyed amazement. I’ve wondered, will this really keep happening if I don’t draw anyone’s attention to it?

The answer is, apparently, yes. About a week and a half ago, Runewood Abbey hit the top ten at, and it has continued to climb ever since. This morning we reached rank 8. We are in awe.

All of this has been without any recent push from me or Michael, and therefore all credit goes to the awesomeness of our incredibly kind and supportive readers. Thank you so much! :D This is so exciting!

Now that we’ve all got our eyeballs over there, I have to admit I’m extremely curious to see just how far we can climb. So if you haven’t voted today, please do! Remember, you can head back to both WebcomicZ and TopWebComics every single day to drop in a new vote–it’s easiest by way of the links on the right, which lead to voting pages here and here.

After that, if you register an account at these sites (and I’ve never gotten a lick of spam from either, by the way), you can list us as a favorite, which helps improve our standing even more! For that matter, you can favorite every comic you like, and vote for each one of us every day. It’s an enormously friendly system.

To help this along, and to thank you all for everything you’ve done so far, I’m gonna start posting incentives over at TWC again, starting tomorrow Thursday. I’m not sure yet what the posting schedule is going to be, or what format it’s going to take, but I’ll keep you posted here as I figure it out. :)

Oh, yes, and I have not forgotten my vow to do something spectacular when we reached the top ten. We have that underway now. Keep your eyes peeled!

Meanwhile, we’ll continue to focus most of our attention on the comic itself. If you lovely people out there like it enough to share it with your friends, then we thank you enormously, and we’ll try to have the best page we can make every week waiting for them when they show up. :)

Woo hoo! Thanks again, everyone!!

~ Rachel

Happy things and Stumptown

Okay! Hi everyone, and happy 2010!

The year is off to a splendid start, and both Michael and I are excited to move things along in the comic. Being new to this, we feel pretty happy about having been able to keep the updates going even despite some rocky times on this end. It’s been nutty over here, what with work, classes, holidays, extreme morning sickness…

Oh, yes! The writer is pregnant, and is fortunately now having a great time of it. Thank goodness for the middle trimester, and for Heath, my awesome husband. Meanwhile, fear not–when the little lad is born in spring, Michael will have a biiiiiiiig buffer of scripts to work from, so I don’t expect any impact on our updating schedule. Just, you know, everything else. X)

One thing I can’t decide, though, is what to do about this year’s Stumptown Comics Fest. Michael and I had the chance to attend a few years back, and we had a blast. From the very beginning, we’ve planned on trying to set up a table this spring to join in the fun from the other side. However, the timing turns out to be a little weird, mainly because the convention dates are only a week ahead of when I’m due to be having a baby. So whooooo knows what state I’ll be in.

If I’m feeling chipper and/or crazy enough, it’s possible we may still go. It’s also possible we’ll just send Michael, or we may chicken out of the whole thing. So just for my own curiosity, do we have any readers out there who plan on going? I do highly recommend it, if you can. :)

Anyway, it’s gonna be an excellent few months. Thanks for reading, everyone, and for all your comments. These characters make us happy, and we absolutely love being able to share them.

See you Saturday!

~ Rachel

Minor delay


This is a sorely underused space, isn’t it? Actually, there’s an interesting and nonpermanent reason for that, dear reader–and more importantly, the lull is now over. But I’ll get into the fun details next time.

Meanwhile, I was about to brag about how we’ve been posting the actual comics with near-perfect punctuality the entire time regardless of being quiet about it, but this would be an awkward moment to do that. I regret to report that this week’s comic will post in the morning instead of…the morning. By which I mean, before lunch, instead of before I go to bed.

It’s well underway, though, and nearly done! So stay tuned, and thank you for your patience! :)

~ Rachel

Next-morning edit: It’s up! Hooray~


It’s a new month! Hooray!

The September experiment of providing voter incentives was a fun and successful one, I think. We’re gonna have to back off from it this month for time-management reasons, but we enjoyed all the feedback we got from it! It’s definitely something we’re interested in doing again in the future, and meanwhile, if you have any questions you’d like to have sent in, we’d still be thrilled if you sent them our way!

If you haven’t seen the most recent one yet, it’s still there over at TWC, and we’re planning to leave it up for a few days more.

Otherwise, things are still going as usual here at the main comic, but a little quicker and more comfortably. School has started, so we’ll see how that goes–so far it’s been great, though, and we’re not anticipating any problems with keeping to the update schedule. :)

So, that being said, we’ll see you on Saturday! Thanks again for all your input and support!

~ Rachel

Keepin’ on

Just a reminder — now is a great time to head over to our two voting sites at TWC and WebcomicZ and vote! The incentive strip currently up at the former place features a character who has not yet appeared in the main comic!

I also wanted to mention that there’s a new other strip being linked over on our sidebar — Digger. It’s deservedly well-known already, but I had to sound off. I just finished getting caught up in the archives, and I have super mixed feelings about it. I’m thrilled because it’s so good it hurts; I’m sad because I can no longer see dozens of new pages at a sitting. Clearly I’ll have to reread it right away. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look!

Meanwhile, we can always use new questions to answer in the incentive comics, so if you’re curious about anything, send it our way!

Thanks again for reading and voting and giving us your input. We’re having a wonderful time, and your support has been incredible. :)

~ Rachel


Hi everyone!

It’s September, and the big news this month is voting incentives!

Once per day, we invite you to head over to our two big exposure sites (TopWebComics and and vote us up. As a reward, the TWC site will reveal a special mini-comic, visible only to voters and drawn by yours truly (so Michael can focus on the regular pages). The first one is up already–and you’re also invited to send us emails, which may be featured in future comics! doesn’t yet have incentive functionality, but it’s an easy side-track while you’re over here clicking things anyway. :) Plus, we made it all the way up to #20 on that site last month, without any kind of special push, so I bet we can do even better this month! If we make it to the top 10, I hereby vow to do something spectacular.

Incentives will be updated every week, probably on Wednesdays (this week was early because I’m excited). So that means we’re as good as updating twice weekly from now on! Woo-hoo!

Also, thanks tons for the comments we’ve been getting. We’re having a blast, and we’re thrilled that you’re all reading. You folks are awesome.

See you around! Whenever it should happen to cross your mind, send some votes and some emails our way!

~ Rachel

Fun Developments

Hi all!

Just so everyone knows, we’ve made it much easier to post comments to both journal entries and comic pages, thanks to a little bird that whispered in our ears. :)

You no longer have to log in, so please feel welcome to drop a line!

Coming up in September: voting incentives. :D And they’re gonna be pretty darn awesome.

Thanks for reading!

~ Rachel

Practice makes progress

Welcome to all our new readers!

Michael and I have been getting a lot of great feedback, and we want you to know we’re paying attention to every comment we get. From flow of dialogue to website design, we always want to hear what people besides us think about how all this is coming out. Of course, it’s still very early in the story, so don’t expect to be 100% sure what’s going on here yet — but in the meantime, it’s been very useful to hear every outside opinion we can. :)

Thank you to those who have shared their thoughts so far. We hope you’ll keep doing so.

See you next week!

~ Rachel