Published On: April 29, 2012

8 thoughts on “Chapter Four – Page Thirty-Four

  1. replacement sparrow

    Tearin’s easier, indeed.

  2. … Ok, landlord’s an idiot. You do not SELL property that belonged to an infected tenant.

    Sterilize, certainly.

    Destroy, maybe.

    But SELL?! Just how many people does he want to infect?

    1. As many as he can sell the house to, I suppose? It’s like a goose that lays golden eggs! At least as far as the landlord is concerned. What I don’t understand is how the landlord can sell a house that belongs to someone else. Unless it’s like a condo? Otherwise I’d expect some city official to auction the house once the exiled owner has left.

      1. Answer: He was not the “owner,” he was just a tenant renting the place, or he wouldn’t have said “landlord.” They also know enough about hygiene to say “keep yourselves clean.” Dark ages, hygiene was mostly unheard of. The sewer literally ran down the middle of the street.

        1. Oooooh. You know what, that was a slip on my part. The entire point of Vireh’s character is that no one else knows about germs, so they have no idea what she’s talking about when she discusses her interactions with them. This is totally an anachronism caused by my own modern sensibilities sneaking into the dialogue. I’m going to change that line later today. Good catch!

        2. AHEM. Well.

          Better late than never.

    2. Heheh, it has more to do with the people in a “dark ages” setting having no idea what a contagion is or that it might linger in a house even after its been sold and the occupants evicted.

      Idiot, yes. Evil, no.

      Well… actually yes. Evil. X)

    3. It’s not as much about the “ew, infectious!” aspect as it is about “what good are you to me now that you’re pretty much dead?” If you don’t see someone as a full human being, it’s not much of a problem to say yes to offers that make you a lot of money at their expense.

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