Published On: May 7, 2011

7 thoughts on “Chapter Four – Page Thirteen

  1. Rough lineart version for now. The final version is underway, but it’s a silent page, so we wanted to at least get this much up while it’s still Saturday.

    As a bonus, when we post the final version we will also post the thumbnail sketch from when we were preparing this page, because it is hilarious.

  2. Someone too busy to get his or her work done?

    Either way, nice to know what’s going on.

    1. Too busy getting work done, alas. Michael needs and deserves and is on the prowl for a better job, and is taking extra classes to try to make that happen, but meanwhile things are both busy and unpredictable. Each of these pages takes him at least eight hours to finish, often more, and it can be hard to fit into the schedule.

      That’s the main reason we try not to commit to doing more in a week until we can handle it, and why we don’t network very hard yet–not to mention why we love and adore the readers we do have, who come every Saturday and check out what we’ve got and have awesome discussions about it in the comments. <3 This is super fun and fulfilling, and I hope things level out enough to allow us to do much more of it very soon.

      1. Yeah, I sort of figured that’d be the case, especially after the last time we talked. Hopefully he can get something good, and soon.

  3. And thus, Art!

    She still doesn’t look too happy about this, does she?

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