Published On: May 28, 2011

7 thoughts on “Chapter Four – Page Sixteen

  1. I love Vireh. :)

  2. Sounds like she may have accidentally told all the HEALTHY bacteria and virii to leave her body along with the unhealthy ones. If so, “horrible” and “nearly died” might be considered an understatement.

  3. I didn’t realize Vireh was so tall!

    1. Well, the two army men are sitting, and Sepia is Epically Short… Notice that the Captain is nearly a head taller than Vireh once he stands up in the final frame.

      (*peers* I’ll bet that Sepia is even shorter than Rachel! XD )

  4. Am I right in thinking that her “illness” is what gives her her ability?

    1. After all, she obviously speaks germ. I think they act as translators.

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