Published On: May 13, 2011

4 thoughts on “Chapter Four – Page Fourteen

  1. I get the feeling she’s not cursed with awesomeness. Not with the frequent bouts of illness. Poor girl.

    Though I also have to wonder if she’s suffering a form of motion sickness. Wagon-sickness? Sort of like car sickness but slower? ^^;;

    1. There was a line in the original draft where Vireh said “This road is so bumpy…”

  2. Thinking about what kind of delay it is, perhaps she has to wait for as long as it would have taken to get there normally? Or perhaps she has to “charge up” her magic. Dunno…

    1. When you think of it, technically she could teleport them outside the region and then walk the rest of the way. Though I suppose Vireh may not be able to walk very far at all and teleporting might not be able to carry something like the wagon. Though a horse could be taken… hmm. Dunno. It could very well be that she just wanted to chat along the way.

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