Published On: December 11, 2010

9 thoughts on “Sprite Sketch Special!

  1. Grats again, man, and those are still better than anything I could ever draw. Look pretty darn cute, actually.

  2. Congrats, Michael! And Rachel, your artwork isn’t bad. I say this as a webcomic reviewer (and amateur artist) who has read hundreds of webcomics by this time. (Okay, if you count the ones I look at briefly, recoil from, look for a nearby crucifix or shotgun, and then click the little red “x” it is probably over a thousand easily.)

    1. Haha, thank you. It helps that they’re just standing around. X)

      There are people who can do cute/cartoony art and somehow still make their plotlines feel dangerous, moving, and poignant, but I have no idea how they do it. (I do know I want to be Shaenon Garrity when I grow up.)

  3. So the character we haven’t met yet is the happy one in the bottom right am I correct? I wonder what it is she is holding. I am also very curious as to who the ninth sister is.

    1. Samuel Harrington

      A helmet :)

    2. I thought the one at the bottom right was Nansa before she became a snake but since there’s only eight women here, I must be wrong ….

  4. 8 of the 9? Well well well… Girl in armor. I wonder where she’s been all this time? Now there’s only one left that we haven’t met.

    1. replacement sparrow

      She is smiling because she is off in distant lands, enjoying her immortality and slaughtering innocents by the hundreds! The other sisters never speak of her because of their mortal embarrassment.

  5. I just discovered these but there’re no images.

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