Published On: September 4, 2010

10 thoughts on “Chapter Three – Page Fifteen

  1. HOOwah! 10 minutes before my deadline, the page is up!

    I realized rather late that I wanted to make this page look good. X)

  2. …by the end of this, the other sisters are going to wish that Sepia’d spent less time on gossip and more time on manure. XD

  3. I’m surprised they don’t just plant a couple acres of potatoes and get a couple cows for milk. Then they’d not need to go into town; that would feed them for a full year. (And if they diversify their potatoes that they’re growing they don’t even have to worry about a potato blight like what got the Irish.)

    Where are they getting the money to purchase goods anyway?

    1. As to the first: After some consideration, we decided that the small number of able-bodied workers would make things difficult. It’d basically be up to Nansa and Sepia, neither of whom has any background in agriculture whatsoever, and Nansa would actively rebel against the idea (besides which she’s the only hunter). Hrae could do a little, but can only lift a few pounds and also has no training. Brind and Tulinn would be no use at all. Vireh would be useless for a large project, too–she does, however, keep a vegetable garden.

      As to the second: Ah, I was hoping someone would ask that~

      1. For the first, there are still two sisters we haven’t met. I take it they aren’t up for helping?

        For the second… you’re looking mysterious again. What have we told you about that? :P

        1. 1) *eyebrow! waggle!*

          2) OWW I SPRAINED MY FACE~

  4. I think Sepia goes to town FOR the gossip. It’s in the best interest of the abbey to be up on the news. No good deed goes unpunished – so they say.

    1. replacement sparrow

      Oh of course! But the other sisters will probably wish that she hadn’t brought so much gossip back with her. Or rather, that so much of it hadn’t “followed her home, can I keep these angry mobs with pitchforks Mommy” -style.

  5. Well, this will likely turn out badly. They will get some more people showing up asking them to solve all their problems, and probably many more panicking about evil witches out in the abbey.

  6. If things stay at the current level (i.e. noone’s really sure) then they only have to carry as normal.

    If things get worse (either too many people coming or people wanting to attack them) then it might be a better idea to invite everybody in, share stories and become a lot closer to the town.

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