Published On: July 31, 2010

6 thoughts on “Chapter Three – Page Ten

  1. Aaaiiieeeee, Michael is awesome.

    Also, my husband’s suggested dialogue:
    “How’s your grandma?”

  2. “… nothing but bacon!”

    Even though you two only update once a week, I love your comic! :D

    1. Yay, I’m so glad! Thanks for telling us so! :D

    2. Maybe we should start a “Update everyday” fund that will allow Rachel and Michael to do this full time and post daily!

  3. replacement sparrow

    Panel 1: Yay, it’s Uncle Pollo! (…Eek, I almost typed an “i” instead of an “l”, there. TOO SOON.)

    Panel 2: Does that mean that he deliberately attempts to mislead everyone else? Scum!

    Panel 3: On rainy days her answer is given under her breath, and goes something more like “My non-existent grandmother is enjoying the non-existent good weather”.

    Panel 4: Anything… like… sell them to witches? XD XD XD

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