Published On: October 2, 2010

12 thoughts on “Chapter Three – Page Nineteen

  1. Showing here: the absolute roughest page that can be posted. This is before I even clean up any of the lines and do any pencil shading, much less any photoshop editing.

    Neat huh? The physical page will never again look like this after it gets shaded. So I think its kinda cool… =)

    1. And the roughness is kind of thematically appropriate, which is fun, I think. X)

      ALSO: The full version will be posted Monday. Thanks for your patience, everyone! Whee~

      1. I totally agree about the roughness being “kind of thematically appropriate”. I was thinking the same thing as I was reading it. Sad for the full version being late but yay for the coolness and thematically appropriate version!

      2. If I hadn’t read the comments, I wouldn’t have even knows this wasn’t the full version. All things considered, this is a great version for this.

        I can understand wanting to put up the full version, but I like what we got today.

  2. What has happened to her?! A fragmented mind… Did that rune do this to her?

  3. Eek! Michael is having unforeseeable internet- and getting-home-at-all-because-of-psycho-roadwork-related difficulties!

    The full page will be delayed ’til tomorrow because of this. :X Yarr.

    1. Aaaaaand HOOWAH!! Finished version is up! please enjoy! =D

      1. Micheal your art gets better and better. Way to go!

        On another note. It looks like Nansa’s resolve for violence is being taken out on her sister and not on the townsfolk as I had originally imagined.

        1. Hmm. Nansa and Ferryn probably have different ideas of what constitute pain? Nansa seems to be a bit physically overwhelming; on pages 3-7 and 3-8 she almost effortlessly deflects Ferryn’s attack, then either sits Ferryn down quite forcefully on her tail, or even coils her tail to help control Ferryn. I don’t know if Nansa thinks much of her actions, like how a seven year-old can completely restrain a four year-old without hurting them, but also without thinking about what it’s like being unable to move. Undoubtedly effective, but it has probably contributed to Ferryn’s “attack Nansa on sight” response, especially if Nansa tends to be physically overpowering when Ferryn’s already in a particularly bad place emotionally.

  4. Just about cried when I read this page. My daughter is disabled and completely dependent on others and she seems to suffer from anxiety. This page revives a personal nightmare for me–that only her body is disabled and she is an intelligent 10 year old girl trapped in there.

  5. This is really powerful. The letters all across the foreground really convey the feeling of being confused and frantic inside.

  6. Am I’m reading Ferryn’s thoughts correctly?

    She hates Nansa (at least in her current form) and likes Virreh’s company. It seems that that’s because Virreh is generally quiet and doesn’t intervene.

    I’m assuming the “Hate you”s are directed at Nansa and the “Don’t leave”s are directed at Virreh.

    However, the more people say (or think) words like “hate you” the less meaning they have. Does she really hate or does she just want the others to think that she does? If you assume that she’s thinking a like a scared and confused child then the term “hate” in the thoughts may be synonymous with “not the sort of person I want around right now”?

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