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19 thoughts on “Chapter Three – Page Two

  1. Whew! This one was tough, but its done now! =D

  2. And Sepia joins the fold. (I think? A bit confused…)

    BTW, very awesomely drawn.

  3. Yeah, now this one looks pretty certain to be a flashback. That object is probably one of the runes they’ve talked about before, which are infused with magic. Also known for being very dangerous when left unattended.

    Guesses on the silhouettes? Judging from the cast page there are still three of them we haven’t met.

  4. I’ve just given up on trying to remember names. I just know them as shadow girl, snake girl, fire girl, etc.

  5. You’ve got to do better than that!

    My guesses, from left to right and ignoring Sepia (she’s obvious): Unidentified, Hrae, Nansa, Tulinn, Unidentified, Brind, Vireh, Unidentified.

    Assuming that’s all the girls (nine, as per Tulinn’s statement early on) then at least none of them underwent the more extreme transformations I was imagining. You know, like one of them actually BECOMING one of the buildings in the abbey, leading to confusion as to whether she really “lived” there or not…

    1. I disagreee. I think it’s~
      Unidentified, Vireh, Nansa, Tulinn, Unidentified, Brind, Hrae, Unidentified.
      Hrae has a specific lock of hair that the second to last girl in the list shares. And I’m not too sure which one Brind is.. but she does seem more wild, so her hairstyle might match, making your placement pretty good.

      1. I can go with that, too. Hrae and Vireh are a bit hard to tell aprt in shadow. Well, Hrae’s always in shadow, but you know what I mean.

        As for Brind, I just chose the one with the wild hair because I figured there’d have to be SOMETHING distinctive about her.

        1. I agree with most of the identities of the shilhouettes. Second from right very definitely has Hrae’s forelocks. But I am a little bit unsure as to the identity of Brind. Her hair is wild, yes, but neither that pointy nor that short. If anything, I would guess that she is one of the two on the far ends?

  6. So did she float into the abbey? And if so what did they do with the Rune?

    1. I don’t know… From what we’ve seen of the countryside immediately surrounding the abbey, it doesn’t look like it’s likely to end up in the path of a river or a flash-flood. That’s not to say it couldn’t get flooded, but it doesn’t seem like it would end up directly in the path of the sort of torrent we see here.

      Now I could be wrong. After all we haven’t really had any great views of the landscape around the place, but we have seen some of it, and a flood like this doesn’t seem to fit.

      1. I take it back. We’ve seen that rune before. Chapter 1, page 5, on an altar in the sanctuary of the abbey. So I guess it must have happened there anyway, despite it not quite looking like it should be possible.

        1. Hey nice catch I didn’t notice that. I am excited to see what all this means.

        2. Ooh, good catch indeed on that being the altar from the sanctuary that Sepia’s grabbed on to. (You know, it just looked cracked to me when it first appeared it in 1-5.)

          As to the situation as a whole, my guess is that Sepia’s having a dream. The strange, distorted sense of scale, the way that the abbey door is just sort of conveniently flung open, the way that her sisters only appear behind her in the final frame…

          Either that or the flood was also caused by a rune (ha ha, “a rune did it” could totally become The Abbey’s version of “a wizard did it”), and Sepia has summoned her sisters with the first wild flailings of her newly-manifesting power? And they are thus caught in their own rune-bindings. (So it really could all be Sepia’s fault? Huh.)

          And, wow, Michael, the artwork on this page is great! It has improved a lot since 1-1~

        3. I can see that it could be a dream because the sisters are either an apparition, levitating, or treading water. All of which are very dream like.

        4. In keeping with the whole dream thing, now Sepia should turn around and her eight sisters are just treading water very serenely. Maybe even playing with a beach ball or something. She looks at them agog. “What?” Hrae asks. XD

        5. Hmm. Being the altar, that also indicates that some /pretty freaky/ stuff went down in the sanctuary at some point. Goodness that’s a creepy image. I certainly wouldn’t want to have been anywhere near the place say four or five hundred years ago.

  7. I don’t think this is a flashback but a dream sequence. It’s not showing what actually happened in the past but rather is Sepia’s subconscious interpretation of the encounter with the rune in the abbey that transformed her and her sisters. It wouldn’t surprise me if the next frame is Sepia waking up.

  8. I think this is confirmation that they’ve been there for a very long while. In the Chapter Two Bonus page there’s reference to a flood. Specifically it says:


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