Published On: January 9, 2010

10 thoughts on “Chapter Two – Page Six

  1. Reading this at 2:14 am on January 9th. Couldn’t go to sleep without seeing the new page.

  2. I must admit though that frame 2 is confusing to me but I get the overall point of this page: that this talk of runes is making Nansa feel uncomfortable and so she’s leaving. Bravo on the last frame for using space to communicate very clearly the emotional distance between Nansa and the rest. There’s even a two barriers between them: (1) the beam going down the center of the frame; and (2) the change in floor height.

    1. Frame 2? Who but Brind would be asking about fire? ^> An’ it’s probably Tulinn saying “Let’s see” and flipping pages, since she’s the one in front of the book, but that seems less important.

      1. Wait, never mind, it couldn’t be Tulinn flipping the pages. (…or Brind, for that matter. XD )

        Also, at first I didn’t register the significance of the visual barriers between Nansa and the rest in the last frame. Neat.

        1. That arm in panel 2 is definitely Nansa’s; it has her leather bracer thing.

        2. Right. Nansa is reaching for more bacon, then pulls back. Tulinn said “let’s see,” and probably gestured to Vireh to flip pages. X)

        3. Hehe, perception is everything!

  3. wow! i’m really impressed! this site will definitely join my weekly internet-reading routine!

  4. Very intriguing story. I’m glad I stumbled across this comic. :) *bookmarks*

    You’ve done a really nice job of establishing all the different characters and their personalities, both writing- and art-wise — already I can connect with each of them and want to know more. No mean feat with six major characters in less than 30 pages. Awesome work!

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