Published On: October 31, 2009

5 thoughts on “Chapter One – Page Twenty-One

  1. Woah! Great comic for Halloween.

    Hi Nansa! XD

    (Also, how can Tulinn use chairs? Does she get less intangible when her legs get tired? XD )

    1. Heh. Savor this! Next time we introduce someone you won’t have any idea who they are! X)

      Also, the sitting is just for appearances, ’cause sitting around the fire is socially very different from standing around it.

      1. Also, that doesn’t explain how she can sit in what she can’t normally touch at all. Can she just sorta float in whatever position she wants to be in? That’d be neat.

        Tulinn… IN SPAAAAACE!

        1. *eyebrow waggle~~~~*

        2. What I wonder is whether there’s really a chair there.

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