Published On: August 22, 2009

14 thoughts on “Chapter One – Page Eleven

  1. haha! I saw this one being drawn!

  2. wow Michael and Rachel! this is awesome! can’t wait to read more. I love the art!

  3. Hmm. So Tulinn’s power really is turning invisible! (…as her profile picture implies, though not as obviously as, say, Brind’s.) …and also, perhaps, the power to cloud men’s minds.

    Hmm. Tulinn = invisible. Nansa = strong. Brind = on fire. Vireh = germ whisperer.

    1. Hrae = really a kitty?
    2. Hrae = … … …
    3. Hrae = in 500+ years, will be paid handsomely by Lockheed engineers developing the F-117. (…i.e., “Hrae = profit!”)

    So what is Sepia’s power? Ah ha! Being short. Put diplomatically, one could even say “the ability to squeeze into small spaces”, or “the ability to retrieve the keys when they’ve fallen behind the refrigerator.”

    And yet that’s still only six of them. There are /eight/ living in the Abbey? Who are the other two? Are they hiding under a rock on the cast page?

    (Hey looky, it’s Hrae lurking in the background! )

    Chirp ~

    1. Bwa ha ha ha. Eyebrow-waggling abounds.

      (Also, awesome catch! I wondered when someone would find her. :D You get a shadow-cookie.)

      1. …oh, duh me. I should’ve listed Brind’s power as “Brind = HOT”. XD

    2. There are /eight/ living in the Abbey?

      Well, seven.

  4. …say, is Jodd looking where I /think/ he’s looking in panel 1?

    1. Eh? Ah! Erm. No. He’s actually looking at Hrae while he’s talking to Tulinn.

      And no, he’s not looking /there/ either.

    1. Good heavens! Thank you so much! :D

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