Published On: September 19, 2009

8 thoughts on “Chapter One – Page Fifteen

  1. Poof! Well that settles that then. I guess that means she can literally be “ambassador to the rest of the world”. Does she have any sort of range or mass limits? And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished for this power. >_>;

    “…has trouble staying in one place too long,” ha ha, cute.

    Though if she tries to retrieve the keys /now/, she’ll re-materialize half-embedded in the refrigerator. Drama! Tragedy! Blood in the ice maker! D:

    They sure are being open with Corbin, for all they want to stay low-key among the villagers. I suppose they figure that they can trust him? Don’t tell me that Nansa’s real power is that she’s an excellent judge of character…

    1. Also: “Cover your horse’s eyes.” …because this won’t freak you out /at all/. XD Not when you’ve done an “oh crap” take in more than a third of the comics so far.

      The girls sure have been rough on the poor bloke. XD Sure they’re just having some fun, but I tell you, it’s all fun and games ’till some high-strung guy’s horse loses an eye.

      1. I have a text file where I keep track of the themes I want to explore in this comic, and one of them is “ennui.” Which is not the sort of thing one brings up in advertisements, but there it is. XD

        PS. Unless something else supersedes it, I’ll let Sepia answer your first question in next week’s incentive comic~

        1. Hmm! Depending on what parts of ennui you emphasize, and how you play it, that could be very interesting indeed. Also, I think that it depends what sort of person you’re trying to appeal to. I’m sure there’s a market for ennui /somewhere/. XD

          P.S. Yay~

      2. I think it’s a practical priorities thing. Jodd might freak out and throw up or something, but the horse could very well buck and throw its rider if too much startled, which is clearly the more dangerous of the two scenarios.

        1. Well yes, clearly. Really I just wanted to use the “it’s all fun and games” line. XD

    2. Poof, indeed! Wasn’t expecting that… good show. ^_^

  2. Cover your horse’s eyes~I love it^^

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