Published On: August 29, 2009

10 thoughts on “Chapter One – Page Twelve

  1. Tech level incluing! Apparently there’s enough of a printing press (and a publishing industry) that books aren’t luxuries.

  2. By the way, I think it’s great how you guys shade the room consistently so that Brind is obviously the only light source.

    1. Hey lookit that, they do. That’s neat!

    2. Hee. We never even talked about that; Michael just did it automagically, because he is awesome.

    3. anonymous lovestruck moth

      > Brind is obviously the only light source.

      That woman will be the death of me.

      1. anonymous lovestruck germ

        I hear you! That Coben is one sexy man. Too bad he’s married.

        1. anonymous lovestruck giant mongoose

          Ha. You two think /you/ have it bad…

  3. …it just so happens that the longest book he has is a Physician’s Desk Reference. Vireh, of course, has already read it. And it simultaneously grosses out and bores everyone else~. XD

    1. Also, I get the feeling that Brind’s love of books might be somewhat tragic and unrequited.

      Or maybe it’s just the opposite? I mean, her relationships with them must be awfully hot, brief, and destructive.

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