Published On: October 3, 2009

7 thoughts on “Chapter One – Page Seventeen

  1. Ha ha ha ha, Sepia calls him on his skittishness! And I love how she only comes up to his /knee/ when he’s on horseback.

    Also, there’s something wicked-awesome about the perspective in panel 4. I don’t know exactly what, but the sideways shot over Jodd’s shoulder is very dynamic.

    And is that a bit of ennui peeking through there?

  2. An eye thing! Since the obvious interpretation is that this is an aftereffect of her power, it problematizes my theory that she had just teleported out when we met her on page 2.

    1. OR DOES IT?

      1. That’s an inntlligeet answer to a difficult question xxx

        1. (This was spam, but after deleting the links I’ve been leaving it here because I think the context makes it funny.)

  3. Avatars! Quick and dirty avatars! Check ’em out:


    1. Wheeee! Dude, you are awesome.

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