Published On: March 27, 2010

8 thoughts on “Chapter Two – Page Seventeen

  1. Did Brind just fall back down the chimney? I figured she had to be mostly unaffected by gravity, given the way she first went up it, then popped back down to ask Sepia for help. Not to mention I figured she was mostly immaterial, what with her ability to take on the shape of an ordinary fire and all…

    1. Hee. Yeah, she’s just very light.


      1. Heh. Speaking of her, I’ve also been wondering… Earlier when Nansa first showed up and yawned in front of the fire, Brind said something like “don’t blow me out now.” Is that actually… possible? Because it would be rather unsettling. Along those lines, could she ever run out of fuel, or is she a self-sustaining flame? The idea of her dying if they don’t get enough wood or whatever for her is a bit disturbing.

        1. Man, it’s always hard to know how much detail I should give to these kinds of questions outside of the comic itself! Maybe I should just wiggle my eyebrows and walk away. :3 This is probably okay, though.

          Brind herself isn’t certain whether getting “blown out” would kill her, because she’s never had it happen. It just seems like a bad idea. She has gotten water on her, though, and she has been low on fuel; both are very unpleasant.

          (As to how immaterial she is, she’s mostly gaseous, like ordinary flame, but she can vary her shape and density just enough to, say, heft things, or climb up a roughly-built chimney — not that she understands how that works.)

        2. It sounds like she leads a very fragile existence. She can’t travel far from a fuel source, so she’d be completely dependent on the others to bring her wood or coal or some such thing. Has to beware of drafts, can’t get wet… It’s remarkable that she manages to remain so cheerful.

          As for not understanding how it works, I’m not surprised. The impression I’ve gotten so far is that none of the sisters really knows what’s happened to them or why (since, judging from Nansa’s memories, they weren’t always this way).

        3. It’s remarkable Brind has lived this long!!!

  2. She looks awfully cute here, though. :-)

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