Published On: June 19, 2010

10 thoughts on “Chapter Three – Page Four

  1. That has to be tough… All Tulinn can do, really, is watch and talk. It works while the person is asleep, or rational, but if Ferrynis always like this when she wakes up there is very little Tulinn could do. Someone needs to be there to restrain Ferryn physically, since she’s likely to hurt herself the way she’s lashing out.

    So, what is wrong with her? I assume she’s cursed somehow, like the others, but what specifically? There’s nothing visibly wrong with her body, at least.

  2. replacement sparrow

    Having read just the first couple of panels, I was thinking up something flip to say. But that’s actually pretty sad, so I’m just going to sit here and feel sad instead. o_o

  3. Did Tulinn just jump out the window? And a very HIGH window no less. How does committing suicide equate to “going to getting help?”

    1. Have you, perhaps, forgotten what Tulinn’s curse is? She’s intangible. She’s never standing on the floor to begin with, she just floats in place to LOOK like she is. So no, she likely didn’t jump out a window. She would have just dived through the floor and the wall.

      1. Being intangible and being able to glide/float/ fly are two very different things. A being with a body of mist can and WILL disintegrate horribly should it fall to the ground from great height. She could also be absorbed by the ground like rainwater if she’s not careful. Now if she’s mastered her form so she can semi-levitate, that’s a different story. Still gives you quite a bit of a scare considering the practical implications.

        1. A “body of mist” would be pretty tangible; I’ve never found, when it’s a misty day outside, that it passes through solid walls. Since we know that Tulinn can pass through solid things, we also know that gravity doesn’t affect her (as it does water vapor), since otherwise she’d be pulled through the floor and never seen again.

          But there’s no need to work this out theoretically, since we’ve explicitly seen that she can fly.

  4. Hmm. Ferryn. I suspect her nature has something to do with iron, from the state of her name. Or about wolves, possibly. ^^;;

  5. it seems that they take turns watching Ferryn because they mention an “up there” in chapter one page twenty one

    1. Yes, that’s what I’m thinking too. They don’t want to leave her alone for some reason. Admittedly, even an ordinary person who acted like this when they wake up probably should be left alone for fear of injuring themself, but I wonder if her curse (whatever it might be) also plays a part in why they watch her so closely.

      1. “Shouldn’t” be left alone. Damn it, type too fast. And I switched tenses in mid-sentence too. You’d think I’d forgotten all my English classes.

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