Published On: July 10, 2010

3 thoughts on “Chapter Three – Page Seven

  1. First a question (or more): How do we know that they got their powers through a curse? Is it in one of the comments? Journal?

    Assuming that it is a curse and it came via that book, I have a theory of that that book does:

    I suspect it grants the reader a wish using neutral magic. However, I think the driving force behind the book had evil intent because wishes rarely go the way people want them to go (even if there is no deliberate subverting of the wish).

    Going by this logic I postulate that:

    Ferryn wished her sisters were safe and were with her. She probably was willing to give her life to make them safe but the book took her mind in payment.

    Nansa probably wanted to be a better soldier, and snakes are very good at fighting and kiling.

    Brind probably wanted never to be cold again.

    Vireh probably wanted to be able to heal people. I take it the last sister died?

    Sepia probably wanted to be able to travel fast.

    Tulinn probably wanted to fade away (probably because everyone was turning to her for guidance and that can be overwhelming at times — especially in an emergency like a flood).

    Hrae probably wanted to be able to keep to the shadows.

    1. I think Hrae probably wanted to have the ability to hide.

    2. I also think that it was Ferryn’s wish that gave them everlasting life.

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