Published On: May 15, 2010

5 thoughts on “Chapter Two – Page Twenty-Four

  1. Thanks everyone for reading! Stay tuned for a bonus page and then CHAPTER 3!!

  2. Say… Comic 2-22 passed without much fanfare, but… just what the heck are Brind and Hrae talking about in panels 1 and 2? Her words make it sound as though the reason they keep watch in the tower is because there is something sentient–or at least living, and dangerous–up there that must be /placated/ every time there is a loud noise! Creeeee-py. O_o

    …This further makes me imagine that it is the two eldest Myr sisters in the tower, encased in oozing, nightmarish cocoons which are slowly digesting them into apocalyptic agents of the Great Unspeakable Old Ones, and that the vigil the other sisters hold is not protective or preventative so much as resigned and terrified, as they are bound in their own way to await the inevitable awakening only so that they may flee the abbey lost in wild-eyed, frothing madness, shrieking to the rest of the world that the end is nigh.

    Except that I don’t think Runewood is that sort of webcomic. Is it? Is it? ;>

    (Ha ha, that was all one sentence! How is that for Lovecraftian scenario-building? I have not read nearly enough of the stuff; my vocabulary is hardly adequate for the task of generating that much Purple. Also, it’s not like I really expect much confirmation for my crackpot theory, perhaps just a conspiratorial eyebrow waggle or two. XD )

    1. XDDD

      Oh my goodness, you make me so happy.

  3. I rather like her contemplating doing violence through carpentry. =^-^=

    1. “Violence Through Carpentry” would make an excellent band name.

      Those nails will never know what hit them! XD

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