Published On: November 13, 2010

8 thoughts on “Chapter Three – Page Twenty-Two

  1. Aww… I don’t understand how Nansa can think herself useless. She obviously loves her sister there… and seems to show considerable patience. I don’t think I could have done what she did, refilling the glass over and over until finally Ferryn accepted it. Especially as her other sisters fled rather than deal with Ferryn’s hysterics.

    1. Well, if this is the only thing of substance that you did every day, you might start to view it more as an endless and futile cycle rather than something useful. Especially if Ferryn’s condition never changes.

      That being said however, still, awwwww, Nansa is so sweet.

  2. Samuel Harrington

    I quite like this page, though I do feel a bit confused about who says what.

    1. Tulinn says everything of substance. When we post next week’s page, we’ll also make this one a little clearer.

      1. > Tulinn says everything of substance.

        …which is ironic, considering…

        1. Mweheheh! I was hoping someone would say that! XD

  3. Good to know Tulinn is saying all this. I thought Nansa was and I was a bit confused.

  4. EXPLANATORY NOTE: The comments above are referring to the first version of this page, which had the artwork that is now being used on page 3.22.

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