Published On: February 5, 2011

7 thoughts on “Chapter Four – Page One

  1. Oh, the artwork on this page is beautiful! Especially the final panel. Most well done!

  2. BEA-TI-FUL!!!!!

  3. Is she magicking those vegetables? (Say no to magically manipulated organisms! It’s witchfood!)

    1. XD

      (If it’s Vireh, maybe she’s talking to the microorganisms in/on the veggies, checking on soil conditions and/or keeping mold/rot away?)

  4. But who is this? It sure doesn’t look like one of the sisters we know and love.

    1. From the shape of the hair I would guess Vireh. She’s also wearing a cloak, which one imagines Vireh is prone to when outdoors. I also remember it being mentioned on the site somewhere that Vireh has a vegetable garden. Don’t ask me where. o_o; XD etc…

      1. Well that makes sense. I guess I was getting excited for a new character.

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