Published On: January 14, 2012

6 thoughts on “Chapter Four – Page Nineteen

  1. That’s one way to do it, I suppose.

  2. Aww – I was hoping the LT was gonna get it.
    Good to see you back :)

  3. replacement sparrow

    Were his defenses too weak or too strong? To elicit a dramatic response like that it seems like you’d need to introduce a significant quantity of pathogens, distributed pretty widely around the body. It’d probably be more efficient (or even possible) to commune with his own immune system, induce a really strong allergy or somesuch.

    1. Going through and cleaning a few things up, you’re clearly right. Tweaked to his defenses being stronger, not weaker. :)

  4. If anybody in the village doubted the story of witches, they won’t any longer. And they now know that Sepia’s one of them.

  5. I’ve been thinking, I think I know what “payment” could be:

    Given that the “witches” have now been outed. I think the soldiers could stand guard at a meeting between the townsfolk and the sisters whilst people get to know one another. Maybe bring the townsfolk to the abbey in small groups and everybody gets to know everybody else.

    It’ll probably be depressing for the sisters but, if the meetings are followed up by mutual cooperation, then the villagers are going to be less likely to think that they’re something evil. In fact they may even grow to appreciate Nansa.

    If the soldiers are there then the initial meetings are more likely to go ahead.

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