Published On: January 7, 2012

3 thoughts on “Chapter Four – Page Eighteen

  1. replacement sparrow

    “Look deep into my eyes. You are getting sniffly, very sniffly.”

    Love all the “not sure if want” faces the Lieutenant is making. He’s all like “oh god this girl is going to explode my commanding officers head I just know it and /then/ what am I going to tell command at home?” The girls certainly seem good at eliciting those.

    I am going to have to archive dive, to get my head back in the story. I remember a dark and stormy night, town gossip, and something about and Eldrich Horror in the upstairs rooms. ;^>

  2. Yeah, archive dive would have made sense for me, as well. Well, nothing to it, here I go!

  3. Hooray! Looking forward to seeing what happens next :).

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