Published On: October 24, 2009

5 thoughts on “Chapter One – Page Twenty

  1. Heh! This is both sweet and funny. ~ <3

    1. I myself am kind of in love with panel 4.

  2. Sad, is that what he really thinks of them?? panel 4??

    1. Test audiences gave us several different interpretations. :) One is that he finds them a lot scarier now that he’s away from them. Another is that he realizes they would /sound/ really scary if he tried to explain them. Yet another is that he’s experiencing temptation to embellish the story.

      Whatever the case (and I like all of those too much to discourage any, hee hee), I think it’s fair to say that what he really thinks of them is more accurately captured in panel 5.

      1. I assumed he was realizing how they would appear to others if he tried to explain them.

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